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DR. Akshari R. Anchan


Dr. Akshari R. Anchan is rated among the
Best Cosmetologist in Juhu according to ClinicSpots in 2020

Clinic spots rating.png

Dr. Akshari R. Anchan has graduated from the prestigious Nitte University, Mangalore and has post graduated into clinical aesthetics from the esteemed Indian Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, Pune.

She has  followed it with rigorous training and extensive practice.  


She successfully cleared her licensing exams in the United States of America. During her multiple visits to the U.S.A between 2013- 2016,

she observed various doctors and is well appreciated for her sincerity and resilience. Having had international exposure from her early practicing days, she brings back to her home country meticulous care and skill.

Acclaimed for her artistry, patient ear and result oriented methodology, Dr. Akshari R. Anchan has seen patients from all over the world. She has an experience of over 5 years in clinical practice,  maintains a private practice and is an expert consultant to over 25 clinics all over Mumbai.


Being an expert in Total Facial Aesthetics she trains doctors in this specialty and till date has trained hundreds of successful clinicians.

Along with treating patients, her thirst for knowledge manifests in research and is actively involved in academics. Her research articles have won her national and international laurel including recognition from the renowned Indian Council of Medical Research.

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